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Why Carpet Smells After Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

After a carpet cleaning service, many homeowners are looking forward to a clean, dry, and restored carpet. Sometimes when your carpet finally drys, it may begin to smell earthy, musty, or dank.

That simply means that there is lingering water residue in the area which has not dried correctly after carpet cleaning. Here are the top reasons for smelly odors.

Steam carpet cleaning specialist removing stains.

Reasons For Bad Odor

The leading cause of a bad-smelling carpet after cleaning service; is that the underlying padding got wet and was not properly dried.

When not dried correctly, the carpet-underlying material becomes susceptible to mildew problems, which can cause a smelly odor.

In some cases, this issue just takes time since most homeowners do not have any way to dry the underlying padding of the carpet.

4 Main Reasons For Carpeting To Smell

  1. The carpet cleaning vacuum wasn't durable enough to suck up embedded water.

  2. The carpet cleaning specialist was inexperienced and over-rinsed the carpet.

  3. Overexposure to detergent, shampoo, and lacks of proper rinsing afterward.

  4. Poor drying conditions, such as high humidity levels or insufficient air circulation.

Permanent Pet Damage On Carpet

White dog laying on damaged carpet.

Pet Urine is very acidic once it enters the carpet and tends to oxidize; as it dries. Oxidation; along-with ammonia, and urochrome in urine can permanently stain carpet surfaces.

When the chemical change, occurs the acidic urine becomes alkaline, forming a urea salt that attracts moisture and keeps the odor-causing bacteria alive for many days.

That is why Blas Carpet highly recommends hiring a professional carpet cleaning technician to professionally and thoroughly treat pet stains immediately.

Many homeowners rely on our easy, fast, and 24/hour accessible carpet cleaning service to fulfill their needs. When it comes to pet stains and damage, we prefer deep and steam carpet cleaning!

Odor Elimination Solution

We help neutralize carpet odors with antimicrobial or germicidal cleaning agents. Also, we use eco-friendly deodorizers for pet owners who are constantly battling to preserve their home carpets.

Our carpet cleaning specialist makes sure to use durable cleaning agents before & after steam carpet cleaning. The result is a clean, dry, and restored carpet with guaranteed long-lasting results!

Water Damage Restoration

Cleaning your home carpet; after water damage may already have mold buildup or mildew under the carpeting.

This is a crucial issue; because it can impact your overall health; in negative ways. If you have respiratory problems, we recommend professional mold remediation; to clean and restore the carpet thoroughly.

If you are dealing with carpet damaged by water, a moldy odor after carpet cleaning may be a warning sign that local homeowners shouldn't ignore.

3 Common Reasons For Moldy Odor:

  1. A water flood in the past you are not aware of.

  2. Mold and mildew growth on grip rods or skirting boards.

  3. Aged carpet underlays that are breaking down through wear and tear.

What If Carpet Odors Persist?

Unfortunately, if carpet odors still smell foul, then odds are that the underlying surface of your carpet is damaged.

Homeowners should consider replacing the carpeting and padding, guaranteeing longevity. Find a carpet cleaner nearby.

Any reputable carpet cleaning specialist should provide all homeowners with instructions on how to take care of carpet surfaces right after carpet replacement. Get the carpet care homeowners deserve!

4 Permanently Damaged Carpet Causes:

  1. The smell of cigarettes is able to penetrate into carpet fibers.

  2. Fire damage and smoke smell can linger deep within the carpet surfaces.

  3. Water moisture is trapped between the carpet backing and the subfloor.

  4. Frequent pet accidents can potentially soak into the wood underneath the carpet.


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