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What Is Deep Carpet Cleaning ?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

A counter-rotating brush or CRB machine is the most efficient and proficient way to wash carpets appropriately.

If you're considering having your carpets cleaned, a CRB machine is probably the best choice whether you're having the cleaning done in your residence, headquarters, or other buildings.

When using rotating brushes, they are sturdy & proficient. Here are some methods to better clean the carpet with the counter-rotating brush.

Deep Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to deep carpet cleaning, we use an industrial floor scrubber that releases eco-friendly and lavender degreaser; into the carpet.

Also added to that durable ingredient; is a fresh deodorizer; to completely restore the carpeting of your home.

The deep carpet cleaning service helps with dirt, grime, and residue removal by 100% if scrubbed thoroughly by a trained carpet cleaning technician.

You'll know you received the best cleaning service because deep cleaning is just the first step to restoring all your home carpets.

Learn more about the steam carpet cleaning process and the finale.

Benefits of Deep Cleaning

Compared to conventional methods of carpet-cleaning services; counter-rotating brushes allow for deeper cleaning. With a skilled carpet cleaning technician, CRB machines remove hair, dirt, allergens, and other residues that regular vacuums and wands cannot get out.

Most CRB machines consist of a powerful brush rotating counterclockwise together. This brush agitates dirt deep between the carpet fibers.

With deep carpet cleaning, you'll get an overall high-quality carpet clean, and the drying time is faster.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

After thoroughly scrubbing all carpet surfaces, we come back with a powerful and durable airflow wand that releases steaming hot water at pressures up to 700ph.

This wand comes with a vacuum that picks up all leftover residue, guaranteeing a very clean, dry, and restored home carpet. Our carpet cleaning technicians at Blas Carpet are trained to spot and eliminate any leftover residue.

Using the airflow wand after deep carpet cleaning; yields that all carpet surfaces dry in approximately 4 - 6 hours.

Here are 3 quick ways to ensure everything dries on time:

  1. Air Conditioning

  2. Industrial Blower

  3. Open Windows


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