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What Is Carpet Cleaning?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

Carpet cleaning is performed to eliminate dirt, stains, residue, and allergens from carpet surfaces.

The most common cleaning method includes hot water extraction, deep cleaning, and steam carpet cleaning.

Go check out the several cleaning methods typically; used by professional carpet cleaning companies in your area.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Take a moment to think about all the carpet cleaners that use heavy soaps & detergents to wash the carpet.

If you are looking to hire a professional, ask what kind of chemicals they're using. Blas Carpet uses a powerful and eco-friendly lavender degreaser combined with enzymes that literally break down tough dirt and stains.

Our cleaning formula delivers a devastating dual-action blow that all homeowners dream about. Avoid the unfair advantage of hiring carpet cleaners using tough, harsh, aggressive, toxic chemicals. Get the carpet cleaning service homeowners can rely on!

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Only the best carpet cleaning companies offer; deep and steam cleaning services to homeowners.

Deep carpet cleaning is typically recommended for dirty and very damaged carpets. When it comes to deep carpet cleaning; we use a rotational scrubber that loosens embedded dirt; deep within carpet fibers.

The scrubbing machine is filled with hot water and eco-friendly lavender that works for durable carpet cleaning.

And don't worry, we still include the steam carpet cleaning resulting in a very clean, dry, and restored home carpet with a fresh eco-friendly smell, safe for family and pets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning

Most local homeowners recognize regular steam carpet cleaning as the best technique carpet cleaners use to wash carpets.

The steam carpet cleaning involves an airflow wand that releases the steaming hot water at high pressures up to 700ph.

This airflow wand is also attached to a power vacuum that immediately recaptures all water residue, dirt, debris, and grime.

This carpet cleaning method is efficient because it removes tough stains such as color dye, dirt, and smelly pet odors.

Steam cleaning is recommended for mildly deteriorated carpets, while deep cleaning is for highly deteriorated-carpet.

You can just get both, but remember, you can't do deep without steam. Hire an expert today & get a quote.

Rug Carpet Cleaning

The most common area rugs homeowners want to be cleaned are silk, wool, Persian & oriental rugs.

First, we scrub using the deep carpet cleaning method. Second, we come back with the steam carpet cleaning method.

At Blas Carpet, we use eco-friendly chemicals and deodorizers; used to restore carpet area rugs to the fullest.

Our cleaning technique is safe for people and pets, guaranteeing quality. We guarantee the best carpet stain and grime removal process offered in our industry for all homeowners.

We recommend homeowners describe their rugs as small, medium, or large; and by the kind of fabric.

We also offer to pick up carpets, take them to our rug shop and return them clean, dried and restored.

Stair Carpet Cleaning

Many homeowners own staircases that are constantly vulnerable to high traffic, which results in dirt and grime build-up.

No problem, with our mini-airflow wand, we can perform steam carpet cleaning. If the staircases are dirty, we make sure to deeply scrub them with a durable scrubbing gun to guarantee a professional carpet cleaning.

Take a break and count on our professional carpet cleaning service to eliminate all stains, dirt, grime, and allergens.


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