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How Long Does Carpet Cleaning Take To Dry?

Updated: Apr 7, 2022

When it comes to carpet cleaning, the drying process may last for up to 3 - 6 hours. There are vital things homeowners need to know about how home carpet is cleaned, dried, and restored.

Let's begin by revealing a powerful and quality carpet cleaning method that yields the fastest carpet drying all homeowners dream of!

Today I will inform you about the steam and deep carpet cleaning methods that have worked for years when it came to cleaning my home's carpet.

Steam carpet cleaning specialist drying carpet surface.
Steam Carpet Cleaning

Our carpet specialist begins by pre-spraying an eco-friendly degreaser and deodorizer on every square inch of carpeting. Then we use an airflow wand that releases steaming hot H2O at pressures up to 700ph.

This airflow wand is also hooked into an industrial vacuum; that can recapture leftover residue resulting in faster drying.

Learn why local homeowners near you prefer the steam carpet cleaning method over any other one!

Deep Carpet Cleaning

Deep carpet cleaning specialist scrubbing carpet surface.
Deep Carpet Cleaning

The deep carpet cleaning consists of a rotational scrub that loosens embedded residue into the carpeting.

This cleaning method prepares the carpet surface by releasing an eco-friendly & fresh degreaser mixed with water.

The rotational scrub is durable when scrubbed over a very tough stain. Remember deep cleaning step comes before the steam carpet cleaning.

Of course, the deep carpet cleaning may cost $40 more dollars, but it's totally worth it to most homeowners who battle through stains that ruin the carpeting permanently.

However, the results are a clean, dry, and fully restored carpet. Learn more and speak with a professional about the deep carpet cleaning method here.

1. Double Dry

Newly cleaned home carpeting.

It is typical for the carpet to be slightly humid after a deep and steam carpet cleaning. However, that is why Blas Carpet always chooses to double-dry any wet carpet areas left unnoticed.

Now you can relax and count on our carpet care specialist to fully restore your home's carpet to the fullest. After double drying an area, the carpet should be all dry within about (3 - 6) hours total.

2. Fan Blowers

Yellow industrial fan blower drying newly steam cleaned carpet.

There are times when homeowners want their carpets to dry close to instantly. Blas Carpet has a solution for faster carpet cleaning and drying time.

Homeowners have the option to rent our fan blowers on-site or overnight; then we come back to retrieve the blowers later.

With a powerful fan blower installed in every corner; your home carpet should dry instantly. By the way, these are commercial blowers used to increase drying and decrease all humidity.

This tool is essential to ventilate and circulate air around your newly cleaned carpet if you want your carpet to dry as soon as possible.

3. Turn On AC

Home AC system temperature being changed.

The best thing to do after carpet cleaning is turn on the AC! The air conditioning filters out humidity from wet carpets by circulating the areas with fresh air.

Homeowners can rely on cold air to do the job and get their carpet to be completely dry in 3 hours only.

You can take a break from worrying about wet carpet that smells bad after a carpet cleaning. Gain your confidence back by trusting our professional eco-friendly carpet cleaning services. How long for carpet cleaning to dry? Carpet cleaning typically drys in about 2-3 hours total.


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